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Its a sad thing . . .

Written By: admin - Oct• 22•02

. . . When college students can't get it right. How do they even get into college? I found this on The National Review. Here's an excerpt:

But what should surprise us even more is the number of Americans who don't know these facts. Hard as it is to imagine, according to one recent study, one in five high-school seniors believes Germany was our ally in World War II. Another recent survey found that more than one third of seniors graduating from America's top 50 universities as listed by U.S. News & World Report could not correctly name the major Axis nations.

Our fellow citizens' historical illiteracy may make for great late-night talk- show fodder. Who can help but shake one's head when an unsuspecting interviewee can't guess when the War of 1812 was fought? But it is dangerous and divisive for American citizens to be ignorant of our own history and role in the world, particularly as we fight a difficult and complicated war on terrorism. How is one to make sense of the debate over what to do about the “axis of evil” if one believes Hitler was our friend?

Back to the classroom, I guess.

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  1. chris says:

    my geration are stupid, there’s a girl in our class, she does not no where the uk is , we showed her a map of the uk and we ask her where britian is ” i can find walse but wheres britain? it must be on the would map.” she said then after 30 mins she pointed at florida “i found it is there the united kingdome” we langh at her and i said ” you must have got confused with the magic kinddom” “no there the same aren’t they?” she repiled

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