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“Progressive” versus “Liberal”

Written By: admin - Nov• 06•04

One interesting term that I am hearing a lot more frequently lately is “progressive” as opposed to “liberal.” I prefer to avoid the former, as it connotes superiority. Apparently liberals have caught onto this as well and are trying to make it clear who has the upper hand.

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  1. Progressive? Progressing towards what? That’s why I always laugh about that label. At least when you say liberal you have liberty entwined as a concept, if not exactly as an ideology.

  2. There is a difference between progesive and liberal. A prograssive is a pragmatic political thinker with a commitment to social justice. A progressive says we can do some things better. A liberal insists on change, sometimes for the sake only of change. A liberal says the government must do all things better.
    The most fameous progressives were the cousins Roosevelt, TR and FDR. George McGovern was a liberal.

  3. Aaron cynically correct to ask “Progression toward what?” Everybody likes progress yes? Capitalists think progress is more profits. Materialists think that progress is more machinery, technology, and toys. These are measurements of progress that are not used by progressives.

    When we are talikng about the politics of human society, a progressive is a person who believes that the progress of humanity is to be measured by the betterment of the human condition for the largest proportion of people as possible and that politics should in all cases be used to better the human condition for all and to distribute the benefits of society equally so that individuals receive equal opportunities for education, work, and fulfillment and no class, group, business, or private organization is enriched at the detriment or exploitation of people.

  4. KsWiLL says:

    Give me a break… Why dont they just start calling themselves “people who like better things” which is what you are basically saying. Thats totally subjective. Do conservatives not want things better as well?

    • Roy says:

      Yes, of course conservatives want better things as well. The difference is that progressives and liberals want better things for everyone, whereas conservatives tend to want better things for themselves (and maybe their friends).

  5. norman says:

    well we need something besides the republocrat system we have now! if the red group gives 800 billion to its buddies and then the blue group gives 800 billion to its buddies while every year the military industrial complex gets 800 billion to “fight” the cold war
    whut the! VOTE THIRD PARTY

  6. I hate labels for the sake of sounding better (like “rationalist” vs. atheist), though I can sympathize with some people who have “progressive” views but want nothing to do with liberals. Works both ways, though. For a couple years “Support our troops” meant do everything a few people say without question or else. That’s the danger of allowing tags or phrases to carry so much meaning without exception.

  7. jim says:

    I don’t care what label is used. If a movement with a chance of success uses a particular label, and it is opposed to the Tea Party, I’ll take it. Who cares. Maybe we should switch labels every week, then the Tea Party won’t have a target long enough to throw stones at.

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