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All hail WP Hashcash!

Written By: admin - Jan• 12•05

You may remember my previous post concerning Spam Stopgap Extreme. Since that post, there have been many improvements. The new-and-improved plugin is now called WP Hashcash. It promises to be even more effective (read: removed possible loop-holes) and bulletproof than the original. If you have already installed Spam Stopgap Extreme, upgrade! If you use WordPress and haven’t installed Spam Stopgap Extreme, install WP Hashcash today!

By way of testimonial, I am still 100% bot-spam free. I’ve blocked several thousand messages since I first installed Spam Stopgap Extreme. It’s still going strong, and I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. And yes, you may comment here below.

  2. BobbyD says:

    Just looking at how this HashCash stuff works

  3. BobbyD says:

    I here its promissing because bots dont use javascript. Well its pretty easy to have a javascript loop run out of IE.

  4. If that were the case I would expect to see spambots galore. I don’t, however. Can’t say why. Not going to complain either way.

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